Our Mission

From Heaven to Earth is a 501c3 rescue that wants to save as many adoptable puppies as possible, proactively. Most of our puppies come from Amish, Farmers, and other families that have not gotten their pets spay/neutered. Many people still hold to the idea that spay/neuter takes the "work" out of the dog, others avoid it for religious reasons. This will sometimes attract people that use the puppies for negative things such as dog fights, etc.

Kabbalah the Secret to Life

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Can I give this to your Dog? Tips for the holidays

Making some sweet holiday treats? Don’t forget that Baker’s chocolate is EXTREMELY dangerous for pets! Cutting calories? Find out which artificial sweetener is deadly for dogs here: http://bit.ly/1jhn4AZ

Latest Review


I got Coooper, formally known as Moose, in August. He is the absolute best dog we could have asked for and today he turns 1! I have recommended Heaven to Earth Rescue to many people so that they can have as good of an experience with their new pup as we did!